Halloween is almost here,and that means that many of us will be painting our faces, eating lots of sugar in one sitting and potentially seeing the effects of these actions on our skin in the days and weeks that follow. We love Halloween here at Unravel, but we can’t let it be hard on your skin. Here are a few tips on how to celebrate Halloween and take care of your skin so it won’t leave you looking like a ghoul.

Take your vitamins, (such as vitamin C to fight free radical damage) and drink plenty of water to hydrate your body since it will be exposed to lots of not so healthy food and sugar.

Use a light moisturizer, it will help protect your skin of potentially irritating effects of costume makeup. It will help makeup stay on better and create a more finished look. Use a high quality moisturizer such as the Rosehip Whip moisturizer from Eminence.
Purchase good quality makeup following FDA recommendations and try to avoid the cheap kinds in costume stores because those can damage and irritate your skins for weeks afterwards. Apply the makeup to a small area first and watch for skin reactions such as stinging or burning. If so consider an alternative such as organic or safe ingredients from your kitchen and have a Green Halloween! (see link below)
No matter how tired you are after the party, always thoroughly wash and exfoliate your skin so the thick and oily makeup is completely gone and won’t dry your skin, clog your pores or cause breakouts. Read product labels and instructions carefully to remove the makeup. For most basic makeup a good cleanser and water will work, such as the gel Mineral Cleansing concentrate from Eminence and exfoliate with a good product such as the Pear and Poppyseed microderm polisher to remove dead skincells. Follow with a light moisturizer to let your skin breathe.
For a healthy snack, roast some pumpkin seeds, they provide our bodies with zinc that is perfect at this time of year to help ward off colds.

Enjoy your Halloween and check out the website www.budget101.com/frugal/awesome-halloween-ideas-140/ for homemade Halloween makeup. Recipe’s included are burned skin and fake scabs. Pumpkin carving and costume ideas are included. 


Annelie Scheire  Licensed Skin Care and LMP