Dr. Ara Walline, ND

Our Naturopath

Physician, patient advocate and natural health educator, Dr. Ara Walline, is fiercely committed to guiding individuals overwhelmed by stress, illness, and the contradictions of popular health advice to get to the roots of chronic health problems and restore physical vitality. A graduate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University with an English Literature and Creative Writing degree from Dartmouth College, Dr. Walline is honored to be a part of the team at Unravel Therapeutics where she will offer evidence-based evaluation and time-tested natural treatments tailored to you.


Naturopathic Medical Services

Treatment of Acute & Chronic Health Conditions:

Naturopathic medicine empowers individuals to find their unique state of optimal health. Individuals create a foundation of core health practices leveraging nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other wellness habits.  These health practice are supplemented with tailored gentle and effective interventions to address acute or chronic conditions that an individual may experience over the course of a lifetime.  Here are a few examples of outcomes you can expect.

  • Nervous System: Develop strategies for tolerating situations that trigger anxiety, depression or irritability; increase quality of sleep; optimize nutrients that improve memory, attention, focus and mental clarity.
  • Endocrine System: Stabilize blood sugar; improve tissue response to thyroid hormone; establish health habits that support healthy weight maintenance.
  • Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems: Lower blood pressure; balance beneficial and problematic fats in blood stream to decrease risk of heart and blood vessel diseases; breathe easier and increase exercise capacity; reduce sinus pressure, watery eyes, and sneezing.
  • Digestive System: Heal irritated tissue and reduce pain; normalize elimination patterns.
  • Immune System: Optimize immune system response to infection; correct intestinal dysbiosis; identify triggers of immune system over-reactivity.
  • Reproductive System: Decrease mood swings, bloating, breast tenderness, cravings and cramping; decrease hot flashes, improve energy, memory, libido and bone strength.
  • Musculoskeletal & Skin System: Decrease headache frequency and severity; rehabilitate damaged tissue and improve exercise performance; decrease risk of fracture; decrease joint pain; identify factors contributing to hair loss; promote healthy systems of toxin elimination; reduce severity and occurrence of skin irritation.

Annual Wellness Exams

Comprehensive annual exams offer an opportunity for individuals to reassess and focus their health goals for their specific stage of life.  These exams offer a structured starting point for parents to ensure their children meet developmental milestones or are prepared for organized sports activities, for young adults to prepare for college or other life transitions, for adults to optimize their health or fertility, or for mature adults to retain their physical vitality and mental acuity through the aging process.

Your comprehensive annual exam includes:

  • 60 minute office visit with review of health risk assessment, screening guidelines according to age and discussion of health optimization and risk reduction strategies
  • 72 step physical exam covering all major organ systems
  • Laboratory metabolic assessment

New Parent Wellness Visits

Adjusting to the joys and challenges of parenthood can put a strain on health. For new parents or growing families, this visit provides an opportunity to answer your health related questions and get relief from stress, sleep problems or physical aches and pains before they become a bigger problem.

Your new parent wellness visit includes:

  • 60 minute office visit to discuss creating a foundation for your family’s health: sleep goals, stress management, nutrition needs, exercise for healing and recovery from childbirth
  • Information on the top 5 natural remedies to have on hand during your baby’s first year
  • Consultation on breast-feeding compatible supplements and herbs

Supplement Optimization

Every year, people experience problems from taking medications or supplements that they don’t understand.  This visit will naturopathyensure that your health regimen is safe and that your health goals are being met.

Your supplement optimization visit includes:

  • 30 minute visit to answer your medication and supplement questions
  • Drug-nutrient and drug-drug interaction check
  • Drug nutrient depletion assessment
  • Comprehensive medication/supplement list to carry with you

Naturopathic Stress Reduction & Biofeedback

Biofeedback combines practices and approaches designed to teach conscious control of the nervous system and restore the body’s stress response to a place of balance.  Within the context of naturopathic medicine, this definition extends more broadly to encompass a comprehensive integration of mind-body and wellness techniques that reduce stress, promote health and decrease illness.

Your 6-session Stress Reduction series includes:

  • Session 1: Comprehensive stress and strain profile
  • Session 2: Postural assessment with breath analysis and optimization
  • Session 3: Heart rate variability for health.
  • Session 4: Tailored essential oil synergy to reduce stress
  • Session 5: Functional foods to reduce stress
  • Session 6: Practice plan for moving forward stress free

Nutrition Counseling

With a plethora of diets available, it can be a challenge to find the one that is nourishing and effective for you.  This comprehensive assessment provides an opportunity to learn about the nutrition topics that interest you most.

Your nutrition optimization visit includes:

  • 30 minute office visit
  • A review of your diet over the course of a week to identify potential nutrient deficiencies
  • Recommendations of functional foods or supplements to fill these nutrient gaps
  • Food sensitivity assessment to identify any potential dietary causes of inflammation and immune system over activity

Toxic Exposure Assessment

In today’s world, individuals are exposed to a barrage of chemicals and toxins over the course of daily life that can contribute to decreased immune function, neurological disorders, hormonal dysfunction, mood changes and allergies.

Your naturopathic environmental exposure visit includes:

  • Comprehensive 60 minute evaluation of past and current exposures
  • Recommendations for minimizing current exposures
  • Detoxification strategies for recovering health

Therapeutic Exercise Plan

Incorporating movement into one’s daily life is important at every stage of life.  In childhood, activity helps maintain healthy weight, improve focus and improve sleep.  For adults, exercise can also aid in recovering from childbirth, surgery or illness and is an essential component of managing stress.  For mature adults, it can reduce the risk of dementia, heart problems, falls and fractures, and improve pain fro joint disease.  A comprehensive exercise plan incorporates cardiovascular exercise, strength training and balance training.

Your therapeutic exercise plan includes:

  • 30 minute visit to outline your exercise goals
  • Specific recommendations for incorporating the 3 forms of exercise
  • Physical exam and assessment of your readiness for your exercise plan of choice


Unravel Therapeutics’ naturopath is a provider for all major insurance companies, including Aetna, Group Health, Corvel, Cigna, First Choice, KPS, Premera, Lifewise, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Regence, Uniform Medical and United Healthcare.  If you do not see us on your provider’s list, please call and check with us, as we are probably a provider.

We also participate as providers for Auto Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims as well as for on-the-job injuries (i.e. Washington State Labor and Industries injury claims).