Nejat Kesler LAcNejat Kesler DOAM, LAc  received his masters degree at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and earned his doctoral degree at Bastyr University, specializing in integrative oncology and pain management. He completed clinical training at the Providence Everett Cancer Alliance, Skagit Valley Hospital Oncology Department, Teaching Hospital of Sichuan Chinese Medicine Institute, in Chengdu and Long Hua Hospital, in Shanghai. Dr. Kesler has a strong emphasis in integration of different disciplines of medicine for the best care of the patient. He incorporates traditional Asian medicine with scientific evidence based methods.




Annelie Scheire, LMP and Esthetician  Annelie came to the US from Belgium in 2000 to pursue exciting new experiences. In BelgiuAnnelie Scheire LMPm she worked as a nurse in Oncology and Rehabilitation. Taking care of people has always been on the top of her list, so once in the US she decided to try to work with people on the other side of the spectrum and become a Skin care therapist. This was so rewarding that in 2008 she decided to add massage therapy to her repertoire which automatically felt like a natural addition “As a nurse I’ve always had the health and wellness of people on the top of my list. Now as a Skin care Therapist and a Massage Therapist I specialize in treatments designed to effectively address individual concerns as well as identify and treat specific conditions taking care of people as a whole.”  In her free time Annelie loves to be spoiled by Carlos, go on fun trips and walks, cook organic and live healthily.

Angelica Janone, LMP  Angelica grew up in a healthcare family on the East Coast where she pursued a variety of academic and professional interests including film production, education and everything in between. After deciding to leave the hustle and bustle of New York City, she found herself in Washington serving with AmeriCorps and wanted to continue on the path of helping others. Her family’s medical background coupled with her knowledge of muscular anatomy and kinesiology made MassAngelica bage Therapy an obvious choice. Angelica has a profound interest in how people use their body as well as the affects of injury, chronic pain and structural disfunction on one’s overall physical wellness.  She likes to work slowly and deeply in order to engage and affect soft tissue while also incorporating broad, long strokes in order to ease the nervous system. She can work in a range of depths depending on what is needed. Angelica believes a lot of healing can take place when the body is relaxed and applies this to her work with care, consideration and empathy. Her specialties include Myofascial techniques for chronic pain and structural-related pain and deep tissue work.