Unravel from head to toe

Tailoredrelaxation massage image to your needs for comfort and relaxation, these treatments are sure to work out the knots and relieve the worries of the day!

Relaxation Massage Specifically designed to release the tightness and stress due to the daily work loads all of us face.

Deep Tissue Massage When an injury or strain continues to cause pain and discomfort, a deeper and more focused massage will return the body to a more centered and relaxed state.

Sports Massage Ideal for those training for competitions or trying to improve their athletic performance. This technique improves the neuro-muscular response and tone.

Pre and Post Natal Massage Your back and hips face many different challenges during and after a pregnancy. This massage pregancy-massagefocuses on the areas of the body most affected by these changes and can help new mothers cope with subsequent infant care fatigue.

reflexology Reflexology Working with the reflexive points of the feet and hands, this technique triggers responses from the parasympathetic nervous system. Exclusive or incorporated sessions are available.

Trigger Point Therapy Stimulating areas in the muscle that hold chronic tension and congestion.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy  Barefoot massage techniques using deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body.

All Massage Sessions:
½ hour – $50; 45 minutes – $65; 1 hour – $85; 1½ hours – $115.

Unlimited use of our sauna, before and after treatment, add $5.

“Happy Hour” discount, Weekdays 9 am to Noon – take $5 off!

Discounts for seniors and students upon request.