Ara Walline, Doctor of Naturopathy at Unravel Therapeutics

Ara Walline, ND

Ara Walline, ND

Itchy and watery eyes, stagnant and painful sinus congestion, flares of red and burning rashes, shortness of breath, overall sluggishness and mental fatigue; depending on the individual, allergies can manifest in a variety of ways. Using natural medicine, every treatment is also individualized and for this reason allergy relief can be longer lasting.  The naturopathic approach to allergy relief has three main goals: stabilize the immune system, identify and reduce allergy triggers, and relieve symptoms.

Stabilize the Immune System

By looking at an individual’s symptom picture it is possible to determine what part of the immune system is out of balance. Specific herbs and nutrients can then be recommended to calm or bolster the immune system accordingly and thus reduce symptoms.

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Identify and Reduce Triggers

Identifying and reducing allergy triggers can be a straightforward process in some casesand in other situations it can be more difficult. Not surprisingly, there is often a connection between environmental allergies and food sensitivities; one may follow or worsen the other.

Relieve Symptoms

One of my favorite local herbs to treat allergy symptoms is Stinging Nettle. This herb contains a variety of active chemical compounds including bioflavonoids, lectins, and polysaccharides that are believed to protect the body’s cells from inflammatory injury. When prepared and used correctly, this herb can be as effective as an over-the-counter antihistamine without the sedating side effects.

It’s never too early to prepare for allergy season. Developing a comprehensive plan for how to reduce your allergy symptoms can help make the spring much more enjoyable!