Welcome to Unravel Therapeutics!

We are a multi-disciplined wellness facility in the heart of the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.   Inspired by the beauty of this neighborhood, Unravel Therapeutics presents a space immediately welcoming and relaxing to the senses.  Here we strive to present and practice both traditional and contemporary therapies designed for healing, relaxation and comfort… including naturopathy, acupuncture, massage and skin care treatments.

Our providers are a collaborative group with the highest level of skills in their fields.  Their goal is to provide each person with the most comprehensive and tailored degree of care available.

All of our treatments are designed with the goal of relieving and rejuvenating you from the daily stresses of life and returning your natural sense of balance. We offer naturopathic consultations and treaments that focus on whole health education and well being.  And we offer several different types of massage therapy, a variety of acupuncture techniques and your choice of skincare treaments and additional body therapies to enhance, sooth and stimulate the senses. In addition, our sauna is ideal for clearing the lungs and skin either before or after your treatment. We provide robes and towels for all sessions. As a follow up we may also recommend certain at-home practices that will help extend the positive effects of our therapies.

Join us in our quest for optimal health and well being for all…